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Thread: Benn vs McClellan documentary on ITV on Mon 5th Dec

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    Default Benn vs McClellan documentary on ITV on Mon 5th Dec


    The Fight of Their Lives

    Monday 5th December on ITV1 from 10.35pm to 11.50pm

    Documentary about the 1995 world title fight boxing match between Nigel Benn and Gerald McClellan, which ended in such tragic circumstances that it has never been broadcast since. British paratrooper-turner-boxer Benn faced rising American star McClennan, one of the hardest punchers in boxing history, in a match which changed their lives forever. The brutal and controversial fight left McClellan seriously injured and Benn mentally scarred. The programme features fresh allegations and further twists as well as the emotional reunion of the two fighters after years of bitterness.
    Looking forward to this, its been a long time coming a doc on this. One of the best fights ever in the UK but also one of the most tragic. Should be very interesting viewing.

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    The best boxing match I have ever witnessed on live TV. Before the fight I wasn't a massive Nigel Benn fan

    Afterwards I saw that Nigel Benn gave everything he had in him that night and deserved massive respect after that fight, it was tragic seeing McClellan afterwards

    If you haven't seen that fight (surely most of you have) then watch the documentry, I know I will be
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    Benn was my absolute favourite boxer growing up. He got me into boxing with the Eubank rivalry. That fight with McClellan was literally Benn giving all he had left in him. He was never the same fighter after that fight.

    I'd also highly recommend getting the War, Baby book by Kevin Mitchell. Fascinating read, captures the intesity of the fight and goes into detail on both men's careers. You can get it for about a fiver on Amazon aswell I think.

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    cheers pals appracate it will watch show lads wbc world champ 19-0

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    i remember frank bruno standing up and shouting at ring side, you can hear him all the way through the fight ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bateman View Post
    i remember frank bruno standing up and shouting at ring side, you can hear him all the way through the fight ...
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    I felt sorry for McClellan until I found out that he was dog fighting scum. The same goes for Roy Jones Jnr. I loved watching that sick animal abusing motherfucker get filled in and humiliated by JC.

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    Bumped to remind that this is on tonight

    Apparently there's gonna be an extended version on Tuesday 13th December at 9pm on ITV4 aswell.

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    I wouldn't wish what happened to McClellan on anybody, but the man was scum.,00.html

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