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Thread: New Fighter

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    listen micky pal i dont now think your are tryna mug of pratandeng you dont now me son allright am 13-0 am no mug, used to run unlicansad scine in london but not no more govner coz am pro now but come jollys an talk to dogey dave pal hes depe in that mate. lads i dident get sagarey coz docatar was like now this kneedle is gonna gentlay put you to sleep mate an was like what pal are you some kinda cunt noone puts me to sleep mate an he said we cant do sagarey without goin asleep so knocked him spark out then some mug tried rastranain me like am a prisanar so knocked him aswell lads then left docatars an went jollys an had pint with haye an steve lads down jollys love it when the champs are in town brothars wbc world champ 19-0

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    Welcome back Johnyboy, Micky - listen to his wise words, he doesn't mention it here - probably because he is a shy retiring kinda chap but he trains with Haye often and just returned from Roach's gym sparring with Manny and crew...
    Sig awaiting witty quote from someone.

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    The reason i failed was due to poor eye sight nothing els. I have trained for years and altho i have no amature fight experiance i have always fighted people ie sparing, street fighting or organised straightners. I just feel i have a burning desigher inside me to fight. At 33 i am not getting younger. Is it possible for me to fight unlicenced with bad eyes?
    this has to be a joke , your taking the piss now

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    No joke Bateman just after advice pal and that my story fact !!!!!!!

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