Im not sure if anyone rele checks MMA Universe any more or even if cares if their profile is up to date, but do people not think with the rise in popularity of the NSAC Amateur rules that there should be a 3rd record listing for NSAC Amateur on MMA Universe??

I realise not many people bother with their MMA Universe account any more and not many promoters even send in their results to the website, but i think adding the 3rd Amateur level makes sense.. my argument is that atm there is only Amateur and Semi Pro records, the general assumption being Amateur is C-Class and Semi-Pro is B-Class!! So in which category does NSAC Amateur fights go?? I think atm this can be a problem, if you look at 2 profiles both saying Amateur 3-0 you have no clue whether these fights were C or A class, which obviously makes a huge difference, the same can be said for anyone putting NSAC under the Semi Pro title or now referring to Semi Pro as Amateur..

For anyone competing at all 3 levels their profile looks a mess.. i think it would make sense to have separate records for Amateur, Semi Pro and NSAC or even simply list them as C-Class, B-Class and A-Class.. it just doesnt make sense to have 3 levels of Amateur but only list them under 2 titles

Would be nice if they updated it for the New Year, anyone agree or know if MMA Uni plans to update the fighter archive??