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All weights use the 10oz gloves - if someones over weight they can end up with 16oz gloves or come to some form of agreement!

Semi pro is a good way to split the level/ability i think.......better than amature, scoring is similar to pro etc but i understand why it makes you laugh as there are poorly shows out (not just boxing!) and there and loonatics that think 1 boxing match without a head guard and they are the next Mike Tyson!!

What ever people like to call/class it Sams shows are always good and everyones treated well etc hence why going in to the 4th year of his shows he will be able to sell out a 500 capacity boxing dinner!

If you think you are good why dont you just go along to a local mma/thai/boxing club and see how you get on as the coaches there will no doubt have contacts UK wide for these types of shows and will judge how good you are and get you matched?

I can understand why you want to fight, many on here have probably taken fights while carrying an injury but most injuries heal - you only got 1 good eye..... you dont know how much damage 1 punch may do it!?
I am a licensed boxing coach with the BBBC, I dont need to fight on any unlicensed show, but thanks