I know this one may sound a bit unlikely, as all MMA promotions are competing to be the UFC of the country, however we all must realise by now that a lot of attempts that single MMA promotions are doing to get the sport regulated and funded by the government ends up getting nowhere, but if all the major promotions got together, like Cage Warriors, BAMMA and UCMMA, then there will be more money in the pot to spend towards our cause. Plus seeing you all working in unity may get the politicians in this country will realise that this is a big thing. They haven't banned the sport, which means there must be grounds that protects the sport right now from being banned, but we need to get it across to the MPs that this is a serious sport, and if the same implications are applied as the Yanks have it, then we know we are on a winning case. Just like what the UFC is doing in New York, we need to educate these people, and working together, funding as much as your previous attempts will mean that the money will be there to do so.