I have recived f few e mails regarding my recent post of unlicenced boxing, thanks. I use the word 'unlicenced boxing' but to a fighter in my position slight vision that is my only option but to me that is just boxing yes it hasnt got the rules set by the govening boddies but that is maybe my only possibility to fight not trying to big my self up act crazy or nothing like that by using the word "unlicenced" i just wana fight the same way every fighter on here does. Its a burning desigher you feel in your gut its the way the hairs stand up when ya see a fight the way ya eyes fill up when ya see two fighters just had a boss bout and ones arm is lifted high as the winner............if other fighters arnt the same as that and i guess thats normal but if it just me like that then you will maybe see what its like for a fighter at 33 to be told all his life he cant box cos of my eyes........................its enough of "you cant fight" and time me think its about time someone gave me a shot! ! ! ! ! ! !

Let hope i get some good news next e mail ay lads waiting for reply of the IBA to see if my sight good enough..................wish me luck lads