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Thread: ECBJJ London Bridge

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    Cool ECBJJ London Bridge

    Does anyone have any experience of training at this club........

    What is the class structure like?
    How long do you get to roll for each class?
    Is Eduardo now following the GB curriculum since becoming affiliated with GB?

    If anyone trains there (or has in the past) I'd be grateful of any responses.

    Thanks alot!

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    I mean like a fixed set of techniques for each belt level. I thought I'd heard of some GB schools doing this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Hayes View Post
    What is the GB Curriculum?
    Where's like button when you need it

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    Carlson Curriculum, disrespect the legs!!

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    ttt for a constructive response.......

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    Sorry, just amused me. If you want to know about their class structure why not email them -

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    Is there really much of a difference between the class structure of the different academies? I haven't been training very long but from what I've seen in the various academies in London it's much of a muchness. Warm up followed by drilling technique followed by sparring.

    Although the class that does the shortest warm up will get my pound notes for sure lol.

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    I have no idea what the GB curriculum is and very much dislike the idea of set structure for teaching bjj.

    I do know that Eduardo is a quality guy though, and being affiliated to Braulio is only ever a good thing.

    Why not just go along and try a class though? I never understand why people ask so many questions online. Just train... if you like it, keep training there. -

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    Thanks for the responses.

    No worries Kayo Mma, think I may have been wearing my grumpy fuckers hat when I last responded

    Rob T: me too which is why I was asking the question. I do intend to go try a class but am not able to until next month. I thought asking a couple of questions in the meantime wouldnt do any harm though.

    Hysterises: clubs can vary on the amount of time they spend on conditioning and sparring in my experience.

    As Kayo mma says I will email Eduardo to get further info. I just thought id get a general consensus on here as well

    Thanks to everyone for trying to help

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