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Thread: ECBJJ London Bridge

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    Beginners are gonna get shown the same stuff but why does it need to be done via a centrally controlled curriculum? I don't see any benefit to it. -

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    I joined up a month ago, having trained in a couple of other places in London for a couple of years, and I'd like to add that Eduardo is a great teacher, and the people that train there are a friendly bunch.

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    For future reference I have trained there during a few months and before it was affiliated to Braulio.
    Eduardo was excellent, very relaxed and very cool. At that time the class size was small (10-15 people) with level ranging from white to purple, this can lead to positive and negative aspects depending on your training objectives.

    Typical structure was 45mn conditionning + 30mn drill + 45mn "let's tap the other dude" :-)
    Personnaly it was too much conditionning for me, especially as white belt, because you end up being destroyed before you even roll with anyone. I think it was much better for blue/purple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by antmavel View Post
    Typical structure was 45mn conditionning
    Fuck that lol

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    I have always thought that the problem with set curriculum's is that they are by nature not specific enough pertaining to each individuals learning. A massive part of grappling is learning what works for you and what doesn't. A good teacher should be able to tailor things to his students, this can save massive amounts of time by not having to try to make something fit that doesn't. BJJ/grappling is a massively individual sport and not really too conducive to regimented training (just my opinion).

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