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Thread: Semi-pro rankings

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    Default Semi-pro rankings

    ***Read this part first***

    Working towards semi-pro rankings, looking for some help. I'm almost certain I'll have missed out quite a few guys here. Also might have guys weight classes wrong because of catchweights, etc. Looking for guys that have been active in the last year. Some of these folks are set to debut at Hostile on the 17th. These aren't in any order. And aye, I am a bit of a glutton for punishment.

    ***Read the above first***

    HW- McLean, Lee McFee

    LHW- Robin Montgomery, David Sibbald, Dan Morgan, Michael Bocian

    MW- Andy Connell, Bob Davidson, Sean Elder, Lee Mason, Ross Marwick, James Pattie, Dario Campagna, Ross McKenzie, David Slattery, Lee Emslie, Mike Copperthwaite

    WW- Jordan McColl, Steven McGhee, Calum Hunter, Chris Bungard, Martin Donaldson, Scott Mulgrew, Barry McHugh, Brad McLeod, Tam Collins, Steven Gillespie, Peter Kolatowicz, Dino Parente, Ross Stewart, Sean Bryce, Matthew Laurenson, Sean Epton, Don Wilson, David Mackie, Nathan Wilson, Sean Swailes, Scott Flynn, Lukasz Szarafiniak, John Paul Gracie, Richard Shore, Michael Brooks, Dean Cochrane, Scott Morrison, Ross Greig, Jason Braid, Kyle Richmond, Robert Davidson, Chris Davidson, Jonny Brown, Steve O'Connor, Stevie McIntosh, Simon Hill, Graham Black, Mark Matthews, Thomas Gydnia

    LW- Calum Murrie, Andy Burns, Paul Lopez, Kevin Devine, Darren Kinloch, Alex Davidson, Matty Malon, Paul Wiseman, Anthony Corrigan, David Fyall, Majid Gilani, Jes Haslam, Owen Longrigg, William McCurdy, Ross Stewart, David Banks, Ross Greig, Jamie Henderson, Craig Harrower, Rossco Greig

    FW- Craig McIntosh, Aidan Steven, Chris McDougal, Olly Simpson, Darren Clark, Calum Murrie, Jason Woods, John Gilchrist, Steven Clark

    BW- Peter McAfferty, Gerry Kennedy, Kelson Duffy, Chris Martin, Gary Priestley, Rhys Melville, David Hampton, Stephen Cusick, Brian Totty, Brian Penman, Brad Hamilton, Cammy Scott

    Fly- Posslethwaite, Cusick
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    David sibbald lhw, cammy Scott fly, Alex davidson lw I think
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    cammy scott aint a flyweight is he? he is a 62-63kg at semi pro,dnt think sibbald will be fightinhere anytime soon either nimmy way being in oz?

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    Man 77 is stacked. Can't wait to get fights next year.

    Lw is pretty deep to can match up most they guys and make great fights
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    I've never fought bw
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmakind View Post
    cammy scott aint a flyweight is he? he is a 62-63kg at semi pro,dnt think sibbald will be fightinhere anytime soon either nimmy way being in oz?
    think cammy is currently at bw. Big sibbald is back in May, he fought this year tho so is 1-0, he will be a force at LHW big savage

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    Lots of SemiPro bantamweights now aswell. Hopefully Flyweight will be packed next few years at pro
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    Cusick can't make fly according to his coach, Iain won't be fighting at BW (even if he wants to)
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    I couldnt make 57kg same day weigh in i walk about at roughly 67kg so a cut to 57kg would be a bit much. Al fight at that when i go pro.

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