I am matching fighters for this now, currently I am looking for semi pro (head shots standing ONLY) fighters:

60kg 0-0
62kg 1-0
62kg 2-1/ 1-1
73kg 0-0
77kg 0-0/ 2-1/ 0-5
80/84kg 2-0
100kg 2-1

All fighters/gyms get a ticket deal and access to the VIP bar.

I am also running a "white collar" MMA course through February and March, 2 private lessons (group of 3/5 people) per week (total 16 hours of tailored lessons), and a white collar fight (padded up, 2 minute rounds, amateur rules) on the undercard of the show, the course is 160 per person which I think is great value for all those lessons and an experience fighting in front of a packed arena alongside seasoned fighters!

Contact Will 07891 451 280