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Thread: Amateur fighting championships 7 "night of the champions" march 31st now matching

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    Default Amateur fighting championships 7 "night of the champions" march 31st now matching

    The UKs no.1 Amateur show AFC returns on Saturday March 31st at the prestigous Liverpool Olympia.The show is strictly NSAC amateur rules 3x3 min rounds.

    There will be six title fights on the night , on which promises to be the best AFC show to date.

    I am looking for :

    a contender for the vacant middleweight title to face Lee Williams (3-0-0)

    a contender for Paddy Pimblett for the bantamweight title.

    Also looking for all weights for the undercard. Will also be a handfull of under 17's to match.

    Please email me or call 0151 263 6633 with your suitable fighters.

    The last AFC is available to watch on mma channel AFC 6

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    Any team's/club's looking to put there amateur fighter's on one of the most professionally run shows there is or if you've got any question's get in touch via pm.

    AFC's run by one of the best match-makers and most experienced promoters in the UK Chris Zorba and by myself a professional fighter so you've got a top promoter and someone who actually competes trying to improve with every show and make this the top amateur mixed martial arts organization there is.

    *We use NSAC amateur rules 3x3 minute rounds with head shot's on the ground in the larger 8oz sparring type glove's so you get to experience ground and pound but with the safety of bigger more padded glove's. You also have some of the best referee's in the whole of MMA Mark Goddard/Leon Roberts in charge of your fights and ensuring the safety all fighters.

    We have day before weigh inn's for title's to give the fighter's at that level the experience they might need in weight cutting for when they start fight at a professional level.

    *We have title's in every weight devision held by worthy champion's, we don't just give our belt's to anyone who can shift a few ticket's you have to earn your shot and defend your belt against a worthy contender.

    *We give 20% commission from ticket's and pay expenses for fighter's/team's who have to travel to our event's, and pay hotel's for guy's fighting for title's who will weigh inn day before.

    *We use the best and most experienced referee's, judges and officials so you can be confident that your in good hand's and the fights will be refereed professionally, judged fairly and everything behind the scenes will be done properly.

    *Every event is filmed and can be watched on P4TV within a week of the event.

    *We award fight of the night, sub of the night and KO of the night awards.

    *The fights are held in a 25ft cage at the one of the most famous and popular venues for boxing and martial arts for centuries in the UK.

    AFC really is a great show to help your fighter's gain the vital experience they need before fighting at professional level. www.AUTOSTYLEALLOYWHEELS.CO.UK www.BODYFUEL.COM www.ASSECURITYLIMITED.COM

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