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Thread: Whats in your bag?

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    Fuck me I'd love to see some of these bags you lot are carrying around.

    I am one of the most unorganised people ever. Mine has :

    Punchtown mma gloves ( found them in the gym and nobody has claimed them )
    Title handwraps

    And that's it. I usually find my gumshield on top of my tv or on the fridge or somewhere random, give it a quick rinse and stick it in my pocket. Pads are usually in the back seat of my car or in the boot. Groin guard is usually forgotten until it's too late.

    I really should get my stuff organised the night before I train :-(

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    Gi, sometimes two
    Old hoody
    Old t-shirt
    Underarmor leggings
    Rashguard or two
    Clean pants & socks
    Totes socks
    Diary & pen
    Toilet roll
    Small towel
    Sometimes some various gloves

    That's about it I think. -

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    I have the hayabusa mesh bag

    3 x Opro Silver, gold and Platinum Mouth guard (cost me nearly 200 quid per tooth to put back in, cant afford to lose anymore)
    2 x Wraps, Adidas ABA & Top King Stretch

    2 x Anklets, Nationman & Top King

    3 x Thai Shorts - Fairtex and Twins and a Pair of custom made ones.
    2 x MMA Shorts Like Fight, Black & Red and the new Blue & White ones.

    2 x Shin Guards - Haybusa Neoprene MMA ones, Rival Dead Zone for Striking

    Numerous MMA Gloves, CS, RDX, SANDEE and Puchtown 7oz awsome gloves!!!
    Boxing/Thai 10oz & 16 Oz Haybusa and 14 oz Punchtown.

    Thai oil, towel and a water bottle

    and a copy of razzle.
    I don't believe in belts. There should be no ranking system for toughness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrHillman View Post
    I have the hayabusa mesh bag
    Same as me, good choice!

    Forgot I think I also have a pair of Bad Boy anklets ME

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    Its just mi training gear officer.Oh and some pigs feet. True story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrHillman View Post
    Puchtown 7oz awsome gloves!!!
    I have seen these used at shows over the last few months and they look awesome. Look like normal MMA gloves but are the weight of sparring gloves. I really want some but I'm a tight fucker and only use free stuff.

    So if any punchtown stockists want to throw me some I'd love you for ever.
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    Dead Hookers
    This is not a gif. It is an actual video of Fedor doing infinate press ups.

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    I have Demon 10oz boxing gloves.
    Punchtown MMA sparring gloves.
    Punchtown MMA fight gloves.
    3/4 Gum shields
    Bad boy knee pads
    Bad boy anklets.
    Demon, Venum or Cage steel fight shorts and tops.
    Hand wash.
    Clean towel.
    Bad boy water bottle
    Punch town, or Demon focus pads.
    Gel hand wraps
    And i carry my ipod every where i go.
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    2 gi's normally thats held in main bag compartment, i have two side compartments in one i have medical supplies ranging from various gels and creams fucidin, anti bac stuff etc deep heat and first aid stuff like plasters, painkillers and some tiger balm and tapes in other side its all gum shields, thermal socks, cup and pens!
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    @Sledge, get them, they are great gloves. I swear by them, and most of the lads at my gym now use them
    I don't believe in belts. There should be no ranking system for toughness.

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