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Thread: Best thai/kboxing shinguards

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    Default Best thai/kboxing shinguards

    As the title says, i am getting a pair of shinguards for christmas off my mam

    what are the best? just for stand up as i allready have mma shinguards.


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    Twins are good, Hayabusa Muay Thai shin guards are our best sellers though - Use discount code cagewarriors for 10% off your order

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    This review brutalises the Hyabusa ones, can't comment myself, never used them. ME

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    they're poo. if you want thai equipment, buy thai equipment. sandee is the best priced but they're all similar fit and quality

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    I have used the hayabusa ones and thought they were crap. Im with Dunny the thai brand ones like, Sandee, Twins etc are the best. I have the Twins and they are great with brilliant padding. Just make sure you get real leather ones, not the synthetic ones, they rip easy.

    I have seen a few people wearing the Top King ones and they look pretty cool, not sure how good the protection is though.

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    Up until recently I used Sandee which were great. However, I've just returned from Thailand with a nice pair of Top King shins and they are also awesome. Either of those would be excellent. Personally, I hate the Hayabusas but everyone is different.

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    cheers for the replys!...after that review on Hyabusa ill be steering well clear of them.....think im leaning towards sandee at the moment....anyone got any reviews or info on Rival fightgear?

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    I find Hayabusa appeals to the 'cagefighters'. The guys who want to look the part, talk about UFC and spend stupid amounts on something cos it looks cool but isnt actually all that great.

    You cant go wrong with any proven Thai brand whether that be Sandee, Twins, Fairtex, Thaismai, Wndy, MTG, Muay Thai etc
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    i have a set of twins,fit beautifully work really well,would totally recommend them
    two guys from my club borrowed hem for an amateur mma comp and were very happy with them also

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    buy thai equipment dont buy the shit mma versions
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