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Thread: Another child fighting controversy

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    Default Another child fighting controversy

    Dan Hardy talks Swick, GSP and Daley and trains with new thai coach at Libery gym in Nottingham HERE

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    Wow. Bad for the sport
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    Disgusting, how do we move forward as a sport when stuff like this goes on?
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    Don't worry guys I've e-mailed the Daily Mail about this shocking video

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    Quote Originally Posted by iandean View Post
    Don't worry guys I've e-mailed the Daily Mail about this shocking video
    Good somebody needed to, scum making children fight like that, if only it was in a cage..... ME

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    I didn't have any sound on but I'm presuming that there was some country and western playing?

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    the thing that really boils my blood about matches like these, is how in this day and age can such obvious mismatches still get past fighting commissions!!!

    Blue was clearly far more experienced than red, blue's ratio of kicks was higher and blue had a much better grasp of more advanced kicks (like the back kick).

    All things considered the ref let the match go on far too long and its only luck that no one was seriously hurt.

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