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Thread: Biggest win for a Scottish fighter?

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    Default Biggest win for a Scottish fighter?

    Which Scottish fighter do you think has recorded the biggest win to date?

    James Doolan Knocking out Leigh Remedios was a pretty big deal imo, Dean Caldwell beating Colin Fletcher was a good win, what do you think?

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    Me v Leigh, a lot of newer guys in MMA dont have an idea what Leigh is done in the sport

    Paul beating Marcelo Costa

    Turner beating Ash Grimshaw

    Reedy beating Corrasani

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    I for one know about Leigh and how he is thought of, one of the pioneers of Brittish MMA so knocking him out was pretty impressive.

    Another 3 big wins you mentioned there.

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    Are you writing a fuckin book or something???
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    Rob McCrum v his kidneys

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    Think it's a 1 each for now.
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by staffie View Post
    Are you writing a fuckin book or something???
    No..... why?

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    Buchanan in Puerto Rico, winning old time world title aganist Ismael Laguna.

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