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-Fighter of the Year (pro only) - Graham Turner broke into top 3 in the UKs best division with an amazing performance at CW vs Grimshaw
-Breakthrough Fighter of the Year (pro only) - Me
-Semi Pro Fighter of the Year - MOP
-Fight of the Year (for both pro and semi-pro) - JC vs Svensson, McColl vs McGhee at SFC
-KO of the Year (for both pro and semi-pro) - Whiteford vs Galbraith, MOP vs McDougall
-Sub of the Year (for both pro and semi-pro) - Bobby McVittie guillotine vs Scott Jansen, Iain Possilwaithe at Alloa
-Performance of the Year (pro only) Turner vs Grimshaw at CW
-Ring Entrance of the Year - Doni Millar On Top 3
-Promotion of the Year - On Top
-Event of the Year - SFC 5 (as i was a spectator and not competing)
-Fight Team of the Year - Independent fight ... hahaha just kidding DNFT!
-Coach of the Year - James Doolan for babysitting me down Nottingham at BAMMA! haha

Boom, there yer fuckin dinner
Haha. I actually Lol'd at that.