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Thread: Randy Couture Painting

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    @TheGamesArtist Do you stretch your own canvasses? I found that it made a big difference. The shop bought canvasses are a lighter weight and they have a waxy titanium coating on the surface which affects the way that the paint adheres to it. I either buy the stretchers and build the frame myself, or take the canvas off a pre-built frame and put my own on. It's a much nicer ground to work with and you have control over the weight of the canvas, how taught it is, etc.

    This shop is good for supplies. russellandchapple

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGamesArtist View Post
    Maybe for a print mate, but that is hand painted. Sketched first and painted, which took approx 25 hours. Not to mention its signed. If you can find a shop that will produce somethinh like that on a whim then Id be surprised. Like i said though, not hard to get a print made up.

    Edit: Sorry for the rant, just found the point "youre really just paying for the canvas" mildly offensive lol
    Lol Sorry, that wasn't my intention. Like I said, my sister does the same thing by hand for family photos, it takes her ages and it does take some talent. I don't underestimate the effort gone into it.

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