Ok Jimmy and Homer, lets have some drama being as you pair just went and scratched without any thought for building up the tension of being on the edge of a potentially massive cash windfall...

Just been out, did wear pants, didn't spunk on the tils, bought some cards.

So... I spent 10 - 2 1 ones and 4 2 ones..

I have

Money Tree - Top Prize 8000
Happy Christmas - Top prize 5000
Lottery No Name Bastardo - Top prize 250,000
100 Grand - Top prize - surprisingly 100,000
Snow Me The Money - Top prize 80,000
Triple Lucky 7's - Top prize 70,000

Now first things first, just realised the top prizes are shit on some even though they cost the same, also they have utterly shit names for these things that just don't fill me with mirth or temptation to rush out and buy more...

So.... the question is... which one do you want me to scratch first?