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    so lets have it which fighters have got the biggest nuthugging fans ?

    brock is the main one for me

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    I'm unashamedly right up Jimmy Wallhead & Ross Pointons arse (figuratively speaking)

    Mainly because I've spent some time with them over the years and know them to be as nice as you'll meet

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    the fighters i generally nut hug are Jon Jones, Junior Dos Santos, Chael Sonnen, Fedor and Jose Aldo. went through a stage were i hugged mayhems nuts but went off him after TUF. wasnt all doom and gloom though as now a big Brandao and Dodson fans
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    cro cop got nuthugged from my self for ages but when he went ufc lost the passion to give a shit about him lol but recently jon jones as got to be a fav just for the fact people hate him so its cool to like him plus mad skills for a kid in the sport

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