Well, I work in hotels.

I go round, room to room, bang on the door, and when I don't hear anything, I go inside to scrub the shit off the toilet and change the stained sheets.

Anyways, I was cruising the rooms today, and I gave a quick knock on one, only to hear nothing, so I assumed the people were outside.

I whack the key card in the door, and waltz inside; but as soon as I enter, I notice the room is pitch black, and this strong smell of person odor hits me right in the face; you know the type you get when someones sleeps in a room all night and don't open a window when they wake up.

Next thing I hear, "ooohhhh, uugghh, OH MY GOOOOOODDD!!".

Some bitch's voice is making these queer sounds.

Next thing I realize, I've walked in on some broad climaxing.

I was like, "damn!".

I basically didn't know what to do.
They were clearly aware I was in the room, as I'd knocked and yelled out "housekeeping", before I made my entrance, but I assume at that point in proceedings, they weren't gonna be interrupted for nothing or nobody.

Anyways, I say the first thing that came to mind, which was,

"Sorry to bother you. Would you like service today?".

I can hear the bitch still moaning and panting, and when I don't get any comprehensible reply, I give it,

"Okay, no problem. I'll come back later, yes?", and then I accidentally slam the door real hard on my way out.

I'm a few steps away, about to go into the next room, when I hear the bloke that was doing the plowing, bellowing and shouting, what I assumed were obscenities, like he's real upset about something.
But I figure he's in no state to chase out after me now.

I basically carry on my days work and don't give it another thought.
But damn..

An awkward moment for sure...