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Thread: Thoughts on Lesnar vs Overeem! :-)

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    Default Thoughts on Lesnar vs Overeem! :-)

    Just wondering what everyone thinks of this long over due match up set to take place at UFC 141, probably will not live up to the hype but should be decent to watch anyway.

    Personally I think Overeem will win, Lesnar's time off with illness will not have done him any good and as seen against Valesquez he is not the most confident striker in the heavyweight division, hence i believe overeem will pick him apart on his feet.

    Having said that the better wrestler of the two is deffinatly Lesnar, but in the UFC he's almost always had 20 lbs, sometimes more over his opponents and there's gonna be barely anything between himself and Overeem so he may find it harder to control him on the ground than in previous fights. It could go either way, just like any fight really XD
    Just wondering what people think

    Prediction: Overeem First round TKO

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    I would like Overeem to win, and im actually excited about the fight but i dont no why! i think its been over hyped and it just goin to disapoint some people!
    My prediction is overeem! first round tko! if not the fight will be non stop bull shit from bell to bell! just two roid heads hugging each other!

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    Default Hmmmm...

    If there's one thing that Lesnar doesn't like, its getting hit in the face. Overeem seems to specialise in that. The question will be if Lesnar gives him enough space to strike, because if he closes distance into constant clinch and takedown attempts, he may nullify Overeem's weapons very nicely. I can see Overeem getting wrestlef*&ked into a bolivian. It's all in the hands of Lesnar's mental state to be honest... He has the tools...

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    I dont think its any secret that Overeem is a better striker but he has shown his skills on the ground, saying that Lesnar is a monster and a better wrestler I am looking forward to the fight my money is on Overeem

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    Very interesting clash of styles! Brock hates getting hit but has a great chin Overeem on the otherhand has incredible striking but a questionable chin. I think Brock will be able to wear reem down in the first round and score a TKO in the 2nd.

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    I actualy like Brock and it was a shame he went out the way he did. But overeem is a beast cant wait for the match with J.D.S

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