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Thread: Tired of living?

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    amazing video. to do that, no matter how many jumos you have done previously, takes some serious balls!
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    There was a programme on chnl 4 a while back on this guy. He has some serious mental issues. It's not so much that he's suicidal, as it is he doesn't care if he lives or dies. At all. He did a tandem jump with his mate; him flying under a bridge, and his mate flying over. His mate smashed into the bridge and he just couldn't give less of a fuck about it.
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    id love to do that in theory but theres not a chance of it ever coming off. and if it ever did, it'd look more like a cross between a red arrows display and a dirty protest with piss adn shit bellowing from my pants leg

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    My nipper just watched this and said "Daddy, he's off his nut"
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