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Thread: Best Muay Thai Gyms in Europe and Thailand???

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    Default Best Muay Thai Gyms in Europe and Thailand???

    Hi guys!
    I am recently getting back into muay thai after being out of action from a foot injury.....I am looking to take my game to the next level and make at least 3 or 4 trips to Europe's best Muay Thai Gyms in 2012 and then Thailand in 2013!

    Please advise on the best gyms you know of in both Europe and Thailand that have excellent trainers, facilities and are known to turn out the best fighters!
    Im thinking of Mejiro and Jitti so far but need a few more....

    Im looking for somewhere that are friendly to outsiders.....

    Thanks for your help guys! Much appreciated!

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    Anyone know of any of the good ones?

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    there are loads..but the gyms in europe are different to the thai gyms, well obviously but the dutch style for eg isnt the same as the thai style...

    Kickfighter gym in Belarus (Minsk) produces very good fighters, so do a lot of the Holland gyms, Meijro etc in Amsterdam.

    as far as thailand goes i have only ever trained at Jittis (which is excellent) but know lots of people that train at others, all with very good word of mouth reps (Kiatphontip, sasiprapa, Keawsamrit, Pinsinchai etc also watcharachai has just opened his own gym in Suttisan).

    then there is the UK of course, Bad Company, Wicker, Keddles, KO the list is endless!

    lucky you if you are getting to travel around some gyms

    Team Phoenix

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    bad company is excellent!
    Allegiance MMA fight team

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    I trained at Vos and Mejiro - painful but fun
    MMA Officials London, Essex and East Anglia representative

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    Quote Originally Posted by kspencer! View Post
    bad company is excellent!
    As my hombre says. Total class.
    You know when you've been gripped

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    KO gym is the nuts
    Owner of @LOVE2FIGHTmag, student of BKK Fighters & PR for WFS: Warrior Fight Series

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    There are way too many Muay Thai gyms in Thailand. More than a few in every province! The most famous one among foreigners is TigerMuayThai. They have done very good marketing obviously.,

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