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Thread: AddictedMMA Ring Girl of the Year Award

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    Default AddictedMMA Ring Girl of the Year Award

    Hi guys.

    We will be deciding our first ever annual awards tonight but the one that will be left running and chosen for by the masses will be the Ring Girl of the Year.

    We have had 14 Gorgeous Ring Girls as our Ring Girl of the Month & Bonus RGOTM this year and all are in the running.

    All you have to do if you want to cast your vote is head over to our Facebook fan page and click "like" on you favourite girl. All 14 girls have one of their best pics posted in an album!

    Here is the link to the album to make it easy for you to vote

    Thanks for your time!

    Co-Owner of and massive MMA Addict!

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    This poll/award is a sham as Laura Rose Jones or Niki Tiretis are not on it. By far the 2 fittest ring girls in the country. I don't even recognise any of the girls in it.

    I abstain.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    Ooh Sledge thats harsh. You may be interested in our most accurate predictor for the addicted year 2011 though?

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    Tbf the Shock n Awe girls are there but it's a strange day when Sledge isn't recognizing ring girls
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    mmmm.....this is only open to girls that have appeared as a Ring Girl of the Month or a Bonus RGOTM on our site.

    You must recognise the girls from BAMMA Sledge? It's not about just having the biggest promotions girls for these features either. If you're a Ring Girl and you're fit you're in lol!!

    Funny you should mention Laura.....I contacted Maria Countessa a couple months back and enquired about Laura. Maria told me that she spoke to Laura and she'd like to do it and I was to contact her via FB. I did but never heard back so that was that as they say!
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    Co-Owner of and massive MMA Addict!

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    yeah i tried to contact Laura as well, got nothing.

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    I'll hold my hands up and say i've never heard of Niki....if she has Sledge's recommendation shes gotta be worth a look!!!!
    Co-Owner of and massive MMA Addict!

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    She probably though you two were stalking her
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    LOL You may be on to something there Bri!!
    Co-Owner of and massive MMA Addict!

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    yep, i was, no point denying it, Bean will only work it out.

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