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Thread: morbid curiosity

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    Default morbid curiosity

    Are you morbidly curious? (I just made that up I think?)

    I love looking at sick videos and reading about murder. I love the gruesome details.

    A relative of my Mrs is the daughter of a man involved in a brutal murder. I found myself digging for info when I found out. Couldn't help it. I was really interested even though it was an awful crime.

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    I tend to find myself reading up about stuff a lot more than i probably should. But never have I ever felt the urge to actually watch the videos like 3 guys 1 hammer etc.
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    its human curiosity, obviously we all have those little thoughts about what happens when you die, or what it looks/feels like etc, its natural to want to watch something like that just through curiosity and because its something really taboo then its interesting as most taboo things are!

    its not wrong as long as you understand that what happens to those people in videos like 3 guys 1 hammer is disgusting, because if you actually ENJOY watching the video then your sick.

    bottom line, if you enjoy watching videos that are disgusting and horrible yet KNOW they are horrible then thats human nature and your ok!

    if you enjoy watching them because you enjoy people being in pain then......... :/

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    i watch that doc executions when i was 12 and been put of sick shit since. Also really did have some sick shit which also put me off
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    3 guys 1 hammer stopped my curiosity, that video is rough man!

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    Seen it once, vowed never again! Nasty shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grake View Post
    3 guys 1 hammer stopped my curiosity, that video is rough man!
    by far the most brutal thing i've ever seen.. every video like that i've seen before has been shocking and disgusting, but still sort of a spectacle.. something distant and not real to me. seeing a twitching, half-dead man huff and wheeze and gargle blood in a desperate attempt at survival while a couple of guys 'fanny about', laughing, sticking screwdrivers into him, smashing him repeatedly with a hammer... fuck me, unbearable

    i've watched stuff like that in the past out of this sort of morbid curiosity, but i end up hating people too much, it's not worth it. i read a story about some girl posing videos of her feeding her cat to a snake, and drowning another in the bath. for some reason i felt compelled to see it, after reading so much about it, but i was just filled with so much dread and loathing that i really wish i hadn't

    i'm done with stuff like that
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    [QUOTE=steve_langford;823185]Are you morbidly curious? (I just made that up I think?)


    Sorry, mobid curiosity is already a thing.

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    Never seen the 2 guys and a hammer, only heard brief things about it. what's the back story to it other than to psychopaths? is it a revenge attack or something?
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