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Thread: New UK MMA Commercial

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    Default New UK MMA Commercial

    Anyone seen the new MMA Commercial with Rus Smith for a shaving brand?

    what you think?

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    Made me heave.
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    "One of the UKs top MMA Fighters"

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    Music - terrible/cheesy, edit - unsure of itself, pace - too slow, ok for a student project. Solution? Revisit all your footage with AFX and get punchy - but to be fair you can't polish a turd - its razors you are selling not a collage of MMA bagwork with a shave thrown in - get more abstract - you could do something much better with just the good bag work near the beginning/middle - fuck all that cheesy shit off - throw sound FX (reverb echos underwater echos/sounds of bag work etc -and a dubstep abstract sound - don't define and isolate your audience by a) doing UFC and b) defining them by what you show that you like without thought - advertising is about making people desire something by associating the audience with their desires (sex/wealth blah blah) and associating this with your product (in this case health and warrior spirit) - if its MMA lifestyle then sure but dont show them a bad canvas of what you listen to and like
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    What the fuck have I just witnessed? These don't actually get on proper telly do they? Some of the other commercials linked to that... Wow.
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