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Thread: The best combat gear on the market?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrHillman View Post
    a decent uk supplier of Top King would be awesome.
    I second this!

    I would always go through getting my gear online, obvious factors would be price and locating the best stores to use. The generic search for most people I would assume is 'mma equipment' or 'uk mma store' I don't know, but there is a sea of places to get this stuff so variety is key. Most do all of the same stuff (obviously) but not many have much depth in products when you go surfing through, it is sort of well this is your lot and the only brand you are getting 'insert item' with from us.

    Not brown nosing, but I recommend you to people as you have a big variety and reasonably priced, some are not like that. A bigger variety of training equipment (S&C type of kit) would be cool too, as lots of people have the same generic bits of kit which is good. But it is very limited - obviously the market for that isnt going to be as big I suppose and can be picked up elsewhere for less than you could supply I dont know.
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    I really dont like fairtex or twins velcro boxing gloves, shape of the glove isnt to good. Best gloves ive used recently would be top king, same goes for thai pads.

    I always swore by twins gear until recently. Lace up gloves twins or fairtex are still superior to most to most other brands.

    Shinguards twins or top king for thai, i use fairtex neoprene for MMA.

    I havent bought gear in a long time, sponsers have hooked me up with kit which is cool. I do get stuff when ever im in thailand or if any the guys form the gym are over.

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    top king are having copyright issues so thats why theres no consistant supply

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    the internet shopping every time for me .i have no shop near where i live and train .

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