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Thread: Key to success in MMA

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    Default Key to success in MMA

    At an amatuer level and professional what do people feel is the key to being a good well rounded fighter.

    Amature Boxing
    Brazilian Ju jitsu
    Thai Boxing

    A little bit of each or finding a dicipline to be your main base?

    No right or wrong answer just wanted peoples opinions

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    bit of everything but you need a strength as well

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    Memorable Haircut
    Crazy shorts
    Funny Gumshield
    Youtube Account
    toothy grin
    belly button lint
    questionable taste in music
    more tattoos
    Dive desperately for low percentage submissions as your A game
    Awkward scrambles
    an inability to change levels without bending 90 degrees at the waist
    tabi socks
    rep a traditional style/background for your success without ever using any of its techniques
    even more tattoos
    mental retardation
    develop own style called lightning uber Jitz

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    in all seriousness tho:

    fit the training emphasis around the fighter, play to strengths and shore up weaknesses. an ability to throw/takedown is a vital component for any gameplan. if you plan to win standing with strike you will need to be able to keep it there, ergo takedowns skills are a must to use them in reverse. for ground and pound or submission an ability to takedown and end up on top will also be essential.

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