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Thread: Sfc 6: 'uprising'

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    Following the massive success of SFC 5: 'RIVALS' we would like to announce that SFC 6: 'UPRISING' will take place on April 28th 2012 at Kelvin Hall, Glasgow

    get your tickets here or from EZ Sports stores (Glasgow, Inverness, Stirling, Dunfermline)


    James Doolan (DNFT) v David Haggastrom (Sweden) BW Title (5 rounds)

    Brian Hyslop (DNFT) v Dec Williams (Predators) Flyweight Title (5 rounds)

    Alan Mcaully (DNFT) v Adam Stevenson (SMAC) Lightweight title contender

    John Cullen (DNFT) v Souk Kamp (Pythagoran) Catchweight 63.5kg

    Rab Whiteford (DNFT) v Antanas Jazbutis (Trojan) Featherweight

    Keiran Malone (DNFT) v Phil Flynn (predators) Lightweight

    David Hamilton (EK MMA) v Paul Patrick (Shooters) Welterweight

    Brian Gallacher v Josh Foster (Immortals – Milton Keynes) Flyweight

    C Class
    Olly Georgopoullos (Shooters) V Carson Riches (Spartans) 88kg
    Wully Mcurdy (Asylum) v Kev Devine (SHS) 70kg
    Scott Mulgrew (Lions Den) v Chris Bungard (SHS) 77kg
    Ross Stewart (Grip Southside) v Darren Kinlock (shooters)–68kg​
    Peter McCafferty (Chimera) v Cammy Scott (DNFT Lanark) 63kg
    Jerry hopkins (Lions Den) v Matty Laurenson (Spartans) 70kg
    Graham Black (Lycans) v Jonny Brown (HeadHunters) 77kg
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    Looking forward to it, sure to be another amazing show.

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    Sweet. Looking forward to it

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    SFC Bantamweight title

    James Doolan V David Haggstrom, David isnt in Euro top ten but definatley should be. This would make a great fight. Or Thomas Back. Keep the Swedish guys coming over.

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    All semi pro fights will now be under the C class rules, pm me if your interested in being on the card.

    Got a few cool fights in the works, hopefully they come off.
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    Oh aye, there will also be a grappling comp during the day again. And some more stuff.
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    Looking forward to it
    Gladiatorial Combat Legends Gym David "The Gladiator" Galbraith

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    There are some pretty cool matches in the pipeline for this show!

    Some awesome stuff to follow........
    SFC -

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