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Thread: Sfc 6: 'uprising'

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    Cheers mate
    This is the most fun i can have without going to jail

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    great show guys. looking forward to the next one

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    Well done hissy ,well deserved bud, hoooooooooo!

    Paul Sweeney !

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    Default photiies

    thousands of photos going up now from last night , check em out and use the code to get 10% off at otzi tattoo . Bosh !! @mma_show

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    Anyone got any photos of me with the belt and jani?

    Could you email them too
    As I don't do Facebook.
    Proud to be sponsored

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    Great day and night!! Well done to Rob, Rich, Chris, the vision team and all the fighters!!

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    Massive win for Stevenson, winning again by Adambar.

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    Was Robert Whiteford in McCauleys corner in his fight with Stevenson?

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    Decent enough night but there were way too many fights, or rather there were way too many boring fights particularly in the c-class. It's obviously good to give up and coming fighters some exposure but you could have cut 3 or 4 of the c-class fights and I doubt many would have cared.

    Crowd was full of cunts though. Hunners smoking and I noticed the foyer was pretty trashed on the way out with loads of shit knocked over and the bit outside the front doors was a fucking shit-tip with hunners of fag ends and booze cans and cups everywhere.

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    Some well matched fights meant that on this occasion that the night went on with lots of decisions, think 13 of the 16 fights went the distance, all fights cant be finished and its rare it happens.

    Some great perfomances. Awesome performance by Hissy, Williams is a really tough guy and i thought hissy took every round if i can remember right.

    Doolan fight was really technical, cool to have two high level guys fight for 25 minutes.

    Some surprise victories and overall a really slick production on the show, you can tell the professionalism of Vision.

    Why dont promotors put David Hamilton on first then resell the tickets? lol Guy brings probably the biggest support then everyone leaves straight after the fight, dont get paying 30 for a ticket to leave half way through the card lol

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