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Thread: Sfc 6: 'uprising'

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    Did anyone else notice adam talking in the 3rd? I've heard from a reliable source he was saying "Alan, I fucking LOVE this!!" some man Best I've saw him perform as well!!

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    Stevenson was really impressive. Really hope McVitie wins this weekend, that fight would be crazy. Whiteford & Hyslop looked great too, never in any danger. Haggstrom was very well rounded, keen to see him against some other Euro bantams

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    This was my first Scottish MMA show and I was really impressed. The folks at Vision put on a real good show and it was very professional, and the Kelvin Hall is an awesome venue. At its peak it was packed too.

    It's a shame not everybody hung about for the two title fights, but when the first one started at about midnight it's fair enough. If I was a casual on a night out and heading in to watch a mate, I wouldn't have stayed that late but it's just one of those things - not a lot can be done to change how the fights play out. It wasn't boring though by any means, there were lots of good scraps.

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    It's a catch 22 imo. If SFC/Vision had only put 10 fights on the card and they all ended in the 1st round people would have been claiming that there wasn't enough fights/matchmaking was Brad Pitt.

    I think the fact so many of the fights went the distance is a testament to the matchmaking as the majority of the fights were really back and forth and well matched.

    Maybe bringing the start time forward an hour or so could appease this problem in the future and would still give everyone time to go out afterwards.

    Regardless, well done on the show guys.
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    Don't agree. And I'm not just going out to knock this show, because I wasn't there and from what I've read, the standard of fights was good.

    But. A 10-fight card is more than enough in my opinion. I haven't sat and worked out the timings. But even if they all ended in the first round, assuming that means each bout takes a 15 minute slot in total (entrances, announcements, fight, result, walkout) - that's still about a 2-and-a-half hour show, which I reckon is long enough for a sporting event.

    Two things bug me particularly in MMA. Shows not starting on time and running too long.

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    Is there a date and venue set for the next Vision FC?

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    1 September at Kelvin Hall is next UK one I believe. Might be one in Sweden before then, but not sure.
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    Cheers Stef, see Rob has made a thread with conformation.

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    Whats happening with the lightweight title since Lax relinquished it after beating McVitie?

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    Would be cool to see martin delaney fight for the title against adam stevenson

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