As some of you may know at the start of the year my gym suffered a break in, where vandals stoppered the sinks and left the taps running causing a lot of water damage, in which i had to throw away a lot of equipment, Including 8 of the 40mm jigsaw training mats.

I have finally got round to replacing these mats but to my horror have found that i have old style jigsaw mats, the new ones i have just purchased have two different colours, one on each side and are about 4mil taller than the ones i have. This is obviously unacceptable as someone could easily trip and fall over this difference in height.

It appears that nowhere makes the old style of mats that i have anymore, firstly they now make the jigsaw edges in a softer more s shaped curve, mine are the straighter move dovetail shaped version, and secondly mine are exactly 40mm in height and the newer ones are a little more than 40mm.

Please, Please ask your coach if they have any of these type of mats going spare that they would be willing to sell. I cannot afford to replace 70 mats just for the sake of filling in a 8 square mat space.

The chances are slim, but your coach/club may have some spare from the last time they upgraded their own mats. even if you don't have 8 please let me know as i may be able to get the rest other sources.

Thanks very much for any assistance you can lend guys, and Merry Christmas.