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Thread: Laptop help

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    Default Laptop help

    Hello lads, my laptop is showing the blue screen of death and i was thinking of takin advantage of the insurance i took out where by i smash it then claim i was in an accident to get a new one for free.

    anyone done this or any tips how to go about it?

    if not can anyone recommend a good, budgeted laptop to buy with all the trimmings


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    ive fixed 2 laptops in the last week just by punching them

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    so no help beyond punchin my laptop? thanks Dunny i will attempt it.

    anyone else? or do i go over to the fight lounge due to this place dying a death.


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    350 will get you a good machine now, pc world

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    Mac all the way.
    100x better than any windows based pc.

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    Has anyone got an iPad? Pros and cons?
    Coffee drinker, prefer Pepsi and I'm kind of a big deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daihlo View Post
    Mac all the way.
    100x better than any windows based pc.
    An unintuitive consequence of conditional probability.

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    Ummm.. when you say it's insured do you mean under warranty? Because most of them don't include damage from dropping it, but do include if it has BSOD'd.

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    laptop + disabled fans + quilt = melty motherboard + new laptop

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    its blue screened of death and i've sent it off to be fixed . come back, fine then its done it again.

    the guy who sold me it did say that it would be covered even if i dropped it.

    how would i disable the fans?

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