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Thread: Randy Couture Painting

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    Smile Randy Couture Painting

    How's it going guys, this is my first post on the forum. I'm an Artist from Glasgow and after I finished my latest painting a mate suggested I post it up here for you's to see.

    I paint pretty much anything I have an interest in and when I heard Randy was coming to town I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to get some of my work signed by the legend - which I managed tonight at his book signing.

    I have a website, Facebook page etc.. But don't want to break forum rules by posting them so if your interested in seeing any of my other work drop me a pm.

    Anyway I hope you's like it, and big thanks to Chris at SFC for helping me get it signed.


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    ha wicked stuff, you could probably sell that for quite a few quid!
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    That is brilliant, do you sell them? Could be a good thing to approach some websites with if you can churn a few out!

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    Awesome painting that. Surprised he didnt buy it off you.

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    Cheers for the replies lads. I do sell paintings but some I try and keep, especially ones Ive had signed by icons like Randy. Obviously if somebody made me an offer I couldnt refuse then Id have to let it go, but ideally Id like to keep it.

    If it went anywhere Id prefer it to end up in a gym somewhere so more like-minded folk got to enjoy it

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    brilliant painting, love stuff like that.

    Whats your website?

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    Mate that is awesome! You should get some prints done of it (maybe not the autograph), I'm sure you'd get lots of people wanting to buy one!

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    That's seriously amazing!

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    wow! good job!
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