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Thread: Welcome expert S&C coach Brendan Chaplin

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    Default Welcome expert S&C coach Brendan Chaplin

    Brendan Chaplin will be running this forum, he will he here to answer any of your S&C
    questions he has a world of knowledge in S&C so try stay on topic to get the best out of this forum .

    Brendan will be along to introduce himself shortly.

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    Welcome Brendan, let's get this puppy walking, right, If you were, I say You i mean me, to do a bare minimum to get yourself ready for a fight, what would you insist on doing???

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    this is great ,

    I follow Brendan Chaplin he is very good.

    looking forward to having him on here when does he start ?
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    Hello all, thanks for the intro Graham, looking forward to sharing some stuff on here with people and learning some stuff too! Phil thats a good question and one that could take quite some time to answer. Can I suggest that you check out a webinar that I have literally just banged on my site (shameless plug I know and see what questions arise from there?
    Its at
    S&C Made Easy: twitter @brendanchaplin

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    Hi Brendan, I will be bringing Dan to see you again after a month or so, he has taken your advice and is trying to lift as you said. Also he has started to stretch more which is a good thing.
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    Great to have you on here Brendan ,

    thank you for giving your time to the forum users.
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    It now looks like I'm just licking arse on the new sub-forums but that's not the case haha. Brendan is my S&C coach and does a phenomenal job with his MMA and other athletes. I always follow his work and he's also done some fantastic stuff for Cool resource!

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    Cheers Guys, no probs Neil always welcome, Jay always a pleasure my friend
    S&C Made Easy: twitter @brendanchaplin

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    Looking forward to meeting Brendan in April best Coach Kevin Kearns aka Dr Evil

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    Brendan I would consider it an honor for you to attend our course complimentary. Best Coach K

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