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Thread: Who is Jay Darrell Ingleton?

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    Default Who is Jay Darrell Ingleton?

    I see he trains MMA and what not but he puts some crazy status updates on FB.

    Is he for real?
    Co-Owner of and massive MMA Addict!

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    Correction to title *Who*

    Co-Owner of and massive MMA Addict!

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    Fixed it for you. I wan't sure if the the thread was going to be "who" or "why is Jay Darelll"

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    I heard hes a kicking machine!!! (So Chuck Norris said)!! ha

    Does he ever actually fight???? or just kick thin air?

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    You've been a member since May and you don't know JDI??? Search the forums and while you catch up on the threads make sure you read them on the throne!!!

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    Personal Trainer to celebrities.

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    pal jay used go jollys an run his mowth about submetteng all the best champions an that he ko'd haye until me an cuple lads had enough an ko'd him an he aint been back since but hes been sayeng he ko'd me but ask everyane at jollys who did get the ko an they will tell you he got ko'd govner, he aint evan good pal kept droppeng hands an doing weird kicks like cung lee but not evan good kicks fella wbc world champ 19-0

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    I heard he has be set up to star in the remake of the wizard of the oz???

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    Thanks guys!

    I love that story Johny!! Well it gives me an idea as to what he's all about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wickett180 View Post
    Well it gives me an idea as to what he's all about.
    He's about 4ft 10.

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