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Thread: calisthenics or something else??

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    Default calisthenics or something else??

    oppinions on calisthenics in comparison to free weights/olympic lifts/ ect....what type of excercise do you feel has the better transfer in terms of preperation for MMA?

    (ive heard that gymnastics is an excellent form of conditioning for MMA?)

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    Depends on what you are trying to achieve. Ben did a really good lecture on his website that looked at the force-velocity curve and explained it nicely in terms of MMA. Its on his website

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    Thanks Brett you're right it depends on where you are at and what your trying to achieve, you should obtain a basic bodyweight competency before you start throwing weights around, can you do deep single leg squats for 6 reps on each leg with perfect form, can you do 30/40 excellent push-ups, can you do 10 good form pull-ups, hold a plank for 2 minutes, supine hold for 2 minutes etc these are simple things but its amazing how many people struggle with their bodyweight.
    Get these basics first whilst simultaneously learning to lift with light weights and its a good start.
    Gymnastics might give you some basic co-ordination and bodyweight competency but in the grand scheme of things gymnastics make you better at gymnastics, not MMA. You need an MMA specific and an individualised programme to make the best gains for you
    That make sense?
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