Thanks to all that commented and expressing your opinions. Good article there by Marc.

Just a few points:-

- Are the main promoters following the unified rules as laid out by the American Athletic Associations/Commissions? It is very easy to get confused as from the local events i have been to that promote Amateur, Semi-pro, Pro-B, and Pro rules, i often think that as the sport is so young in the UK, that aren't we confusing ourselves with the sheer amount of variations of formats available for fighters? This then brings us to the titles on offer.... Semi-pro British champion. Pro European champion, etc. I haven't done a head count but i am pretty sure i live within a 5 mile radius of at least 4 British middleweight champions!!!!!

- Are the athletic commissions of the US made up of experienced people from MMA?

It is a hard one to see how regulation could come about. I certainly think that we are capable of self-regulating to a degree, but it would take a lot of time and effort, and a lot of publicity from the main figureheads to push the concept... The BBBoC is only a private limited company yet it regulates pro boxing quite well, even though there is an explosion of unlicensed events happening. It would take a lot of educating for people to want to only participate in sanctioned events.