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Thread: Welcome Rosi Sexton & The Combat Clinic

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    Some people do find that when they have screws implanted it affects sensitivity in the area. Sometimes people get the metalware taken out (once it's done its job), and some feel better for it. Another possibility is that it's caused by the build up of scar tissue from the injury and operation - in some instances massage can help to make the scar tissue more pliable and less sensitive. Obviously, though, this needs to be handled with care. Finally, it could be that the operation affected the nerves in the area. It's hard to say without seeing you for myself which of these is most likely.

    Sorry to be vague, but hope this helps a little.
    Thanks alot for the feedback ,really appreciate it :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by manofearth View Post
    Hi Rosi - don't want to start another thread :

    Can you recommend a good physio in the Leeds area? Knee aches mildly on an off and has done for the last year and a half. Probably should get it sorted before something catastrophic happens!

    Thanks in advance
    I can't think of anyone over there off the top of my head, but I'll ask around!
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    No worries Rosi, thanks for the reply!

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    I have a pulled chest muscle after doing judo without warming up back in 2009. I got some exercises for rehab and after a few months it was ok, but now it has resurfaced after I started up training again waaay too enthusiastically after a holiday.

    Any tips on anything but to do my exercises with a yoga band and taking it easy with training?

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    Hi rosi
    I suffered an ankle injury about two months ago got an xray and i had no broken bones but i suffered a bad sprain lots of swelling etc i just did your standard twisted my ankle like rolled my right foot to the right. It is still really painful especially when i move my knee forward over my foot when i do this i feel a lot of pressure on the inside of my ankle beside my achilles it feels like its going to bust out of my ankle. do u have any clue what this may be and how long it will take to heal ive been taping it up when i do some training but i dont know if im taping it correctly. it hurts when i move it the way i went over it but its way more painful when i move my knee forward over my foot like i would if stretching my right calf. Anyway ahy help would be great thank you.
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