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    Any help rehabilitating my broken collar bone it happened about three months ago sconce then I have trained jui jitsu twice a week with it taped up.i have managed to train ok and even competed with out to much pain obviously favouring to other side I now feel it is more stable and would like to start pushing my training any help (ie excisises ,stretches) would be much appreciated

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    A lot depends on your individual injury, the type of break, as well as whether any other parts of the shoulder were injured at the same time.

    If it was a straightforward break, then typically I would expect the bone itself to be fully healed at three months (there may, however, still be some pain or stiffness either from other damage to the shoulder or from the effects of immobilisation). The important thing is to build up your training gradually - start with the lowest impact forms of training and gradually increase the intensity as you feel ready. Make sure your training partners are aware of your injury and train with people who you trust in the early stages.

    If you don't feel confident to get back to training by yourself (or you experience any pain when you do), then I'd strongly advise consulting a therapist (such as an osteopath or physiotherapist) who can give you individual advice about your specific injury, and hands on treatment if necessary.

    Once you are at the point where there is no more pain, and you are just looking to strengthen the shoulder, then I'd highly recommend consulting a good strength and conditioning coach.

    Hope this helps!
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