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    Default protein blends?

    Hi i have always used whey protein as my shake of choice, but im hearing more and more people say a good protein blend id the best shake. I am wondering if anyone has used a good preotein blend? Im looking for something not too expensive to try and then see how i get on with it.

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    I've used two, one is the BSN Syntha 6 (The official protein of the UFC LMAO)

    The other one (and my personal favourite) is Inner Armour Super Quad, it does have a bit creatine but it's an awesome matrix of protein, it tastes canny too, cheapest I've found is:

    Check it out dude, I like the cookies and cream ones ME

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    Hi guys, why not check out United Supplements brand new product range. We have a protein blend shake called Advanced IGF-1. For more info go to to check out our complete range!

    We're also running a competition at the moment, you can WIN A FREE TUB OF 2.25kg OF WHEY PROTEIN, all you need to do is LIKE our facebook page at to be entered into the competition! The competition winner will be announced on the 23rd MAY!!

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