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Thread: How often do you type a reply then delete it?

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    Default How often do you type a reply then delete it?

    Found myself typing replies to a lot of things then thinking again and deleting the post.

    Anyone else do this alot on here?

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    All the damn time. Same on Facebook.
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    All the time haha! Its usually about something I disagree with - then I go fuck it why bother arguing on the internet about it and hit delete

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    Never, I just post it anyway and then get the comments coming back at me.LOL
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    I just post, then edit for spelling. Everyone on here seems to be very anal about that sort of thing...
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    .................................................. ........

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    The last two replies on here have summed up the answer.

    This thread has potential for some serious fucking LOL's.


    *edit again*
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    cheers will
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    i tend not to... i sometimes write a reply in the Quick Reply box and then think 'fuck it..' and close the window though

    the real question is, how many times has Jimmy Boogaloo done this? I'd like a count of how many posts of his say "bah, edit..." lol
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