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Thread: just bought my Gi, best way not to ruin it?

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    Default just bought my Gi, best way not to ruin it?

    just bought my first gi, how do i go about washing it ready for saturday and not ruining it?

    its a lutador pro star size is 6/190

    do i just put in on a 30* wash and dry it over radiators?

    thanks in avance guys

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    yeah, about 30* if you dont want it to shrink much, i'd just hand dry, it, i dont put mine on the radiotor

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    Doesn't apply with your gi, I think, but some gis with rubber collars can warp when put on a radiator, so sometimes that's not such a good idea. I air dry mine, just to be safe.
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    No no no not the lut no matter what you do the shrinkage on these muthers is a joke, cold wash, even 30 will reduce it, hang on a coat hanger or over banister, you will still notice the lut shrinks regardless, i do chin ups on mine as its so small now
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    I've always coldwashed mine straight after every session. Put some oxy whitener in there unless you like yellow gis.
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    Meerkatsu wrote a very nice piece on this:
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