View Poll Results: Is this man trying to kill me?

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  • Yes this man is trying to kill you. Kill him first.

    12 37.50%
  • Yes, this man is trying to kill you. Evict him from the big brother house.

    6 18.75%
  • No this man is not trying to kill you, he's mentally challeneged. Kill him anyway.

    11 34.38%
  • You're a hormonal hose beast, calm down love.

    3 9.38%
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Thread: This man is trying to kill me.

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    he is obviously taking the piss

    tell him to shape up or ship out

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    Simple, next time you find gas on.

    Remove all your cool stuff from house.
    Get super dooper insurance policy
    Go visit relatives for a week.

    Claim insurance, bury remains and move cool stuff to new bigger house bought with insurance money.
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    If the guy is called Ross McCrae, tell him to get his arse back up to scotland and organise our gig pronto!
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    start buying baby stuff, then tell him you think it's time that, since you're living together, you took the relationship to the next level...

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    does it matter what way? ask him to father your children, and you'll freak him out. obviously, refuse sex, saying that you'd prefer it if he jerked off into a turkey baster...

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