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    On the 26th of this month I'm having a patellar tendon graft to reconstruct the ACL in my left knee. The injury happened in July of last year and due to the NHS taking there sweet time in diagnosing what was wrong (despite me offering it as suggestion at every consultation and physio appointment) I haven't done any real training since, and am going stir crazy. I obviously want to get back to training ASAP but don't want to risk any further damage in my eagerness. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Definitely speak to your consultant and physio about specific rehab guidelines.

    Unfortunately I can't offer anything too specific without going through a full assessment, but Megjitsu has written an excellent rehab diary from her ACL reconstruction. I'd highly recommend taking a look:

    Feel free to PM me if you get stuck!
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    Cheers Rosi!

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    i had mine done 4th oct so on 12 weeks now had patella tendon too its long and painfull at times still not got full movement but not far off back training tho but only circuits and pads no contact stuff yet

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    Had my surgery yesterday and am recovering/having physio in spire hospital. Am on codeine, paracetamol and diclofenac still feeling the pain though. So the road back to the gym starts here. I have an EMS machine at home and was wondering what thoughts were on using it to avoid catabolism in my quads and hamstring and calves

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    Is it usual for the skin on the knee to be numb to the touch after the op, just noticed while changing the dressing, i can feel the pressure of touching it but no real sensation.

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    Yeah, this shit me up when I had my operation too because all the skin around my knee and down my shin was numb and none of the nurses knew why. Found out after about half an hour of shitting my pants that they inject a bit of local anesthetic to the area when doing the op, just so you don't wake up in screaming agony or anything.
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