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Thread: nerve damage

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    In treatment terms a herniation should always be ruled out but the neck should be kept moving. PS if any bladder or bowel movements become difficult to control or the loss of leg sensation occurs go straight to A and E.
    good luck
    I would like to know your reasoning behind warning about Cauda Equina red flags with a C-Spine injury.

    Remember, "3-4-5, keeps the diaphragm alive." As opposed to the anus.

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    ok so far the pain is nearly nil with just tingling in my arm going down my elbow to my fingers. the static contraction exercises help push blood into the area reducing the pain and now i have some nerve stretching exercises to do . going to test the muscle weakness out on my next upper body day to see how it is.
    thanks so far for the replies and the advice. i think my bowels are fine so far.

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    Want me to check?
    When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail.

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