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Thread: Looking to increase VO2 max

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    Default Looking to increase VO2 max

    As the thread title states I'm looking at ways/how to increase my VO2 max.

    My understanding is it's best done by training at a heart rate of 85% or more, can anyone verify this or back it up?

    And my other question is how long(time wise) and how often should one train at this high percentage to improve?

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    Why do you want to increase VO2max?
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    I thought that if I could increase it then I would mean by body could use oxygen more effectively and I would turn into a Diaz brother...

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    lol thought the key to being a Diaz bro was to smoke loads of crazy shit and have wild rants about life?

    VO2 max isnt always a good indicator of performance. For me the best way to conserve your energy is to have efficient, excellent technique, don't spend too long working on endurance and then reducing your productivity at your training sessions through fatigue.

    If you actually do need to improve your engine do short sharp sessions a little and often, use bang for your buck type sessions like tabatas or negative work to rest sessions which should improve your general endurance and work capacity. Or drilling at high intensity for longer periods of time to work technique and aerobic endurance.

    Does that help?

    Here's some more reading for you if you are interested?
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    i find rowing sprints are very effective for getting fight fit!, also, make sure you dont neglect your drills in the club as they are your bread and butter!.....maybe a circuit of high intensity drills, followed by recovery, then look at something like rowing sprints to compliment your base.

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