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So this thread is for people sat behind a monitor, to ridicule fighters for not exactly excelling at something the keyboard warrior would never have the skill/motivation/fitness to do themselves? Why name and shame those that actually get up and do it?
First thing I thought, too, but on reflection; you sadly have this (albeit small) culture of "fighters" here in the UK (and, indeed, other countries) who enter fights with no intention of actually fighting and competing; but simply to score a pay cheque and tell people they're a cage fighter.

I don't know the names of any (though I have read about a few in the past) but they basically sign up for a fight; get in the cage/ ring and quit really quickly (ala Bob Sapp), they'll do this every 2 weeks and rarely even train.

If a fighter trains hard, gets in there and gives t his all, but still loses. Even if he loses every fight of his career; I'll respect him 100%, however the guys who just step in there, towel already in hand, just to collect some coin are dicks.