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Thread: fight one / fuck one / Fire one out a cannon

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    Default fight one / fuck one / Fire one out a cannon

    Susan Boyle
    Anne Robinson
    Vanessa Feltz


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    Fight Robinson, she's a total cunt, and ginger.

    Fuck feltz, preferably around the time she just made a fitness DVD so she's no too fat

    Fire Boyle oot the Cannon, just because she can sing a bit doesn't stop her being a national disgrace. Mongo
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    Shag Robinson by default

    Punch Feltz's face in and fire Boyle out of a Cannon as she is a bit slow and I would feel bad if I did either of the other two to her!
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    fuck - subo she only stays up the road and i see her at chapel
    fight - vanessa feltz, we are evenly matched
    shoot - robinson just so i can say you are the weakest link

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    Probably Jims suggestion and for the smae reasons.
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