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Thread: What is the most annoying thing noobies say?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maccavelli View Post
    Hug Macmaster
    Even by accident Doug comes off pimp.
    The Griphouse

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    This thread reminds me of this crazy fool who was at the Griphouse for a few months.

    He would always go ape shit on the dummy in the Boxing room. In his mind he was boxing, but to me he looked like he was swimming. His so called Thai kicks were football penalty kicks, and when he managed to knock the dummy over, he would jump stomp on its face and do elbow drops on it etc.

    And while doing all this he would be going ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh. Everyone looked at him and said he is nuts. But in his mind he thinks, we think he is awesome.

    Around the time he disappeared I heard that SR had stolen his Burd, Pumped her, got her up the duff and then fucked off.

    Surely I am not the only one to remember this?
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    yeah i know who you mean. he was a doucher.

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    I remember as well, total loonball
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maccavelli View Post
    Yeah back in the day. We all trained together in Johnstone, Me Gazz, Doug Macmaster, Scott McVeigh. Being on a mad brazilian tip it was customary to place the H at the start of the name whenever it sounded right.

    Henis had the best one, followed by Hennycott and Hug Macmaster

    It didnt work with me and scotty.
    I just spotted this reply. Mega, if a little delayed, lulz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashy51 View Post
    Took the wife to an MMA event, she came out with

    "So when do they put the lid on the cage?"


    "Once they have climbed over the ladders, how do they get back out?" (Referring to the cameraman ladders!)
    That is the most hilarious things ive heard!

    I've got 'Is there barb-wire on the cage or through it?' a few times

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    My mam telling me about the world champion cage fighter on big fat gypsie wedding

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    Quote Originally Posted by BakedBean View Post
    "In Wing Chun we do it like this"
    yehh similar shit to this recently
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    "Do you do UFC?"

    "Why don't you just kick him in the head?"
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    "I'm a cage fighter" has to be THE most arse-hole phrase in existence. It's actually quite comical when you then find out that they actually are complete novices or only compete in no-head shots rules, which hardly makes them 'cage fighters'.

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